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Not slippery when wet

MagicSeal AntiSlip understands that safety is a concern for residential, commercial, and industrial locations; anywhere pedestrian traffic might be exposed to slippery floor conditions.

According to Workcover, NSW, in 2007-2008 falls, trips and slips were the second most common form of workplace injury. There were 987 accidents costing on average nearly $16,500 each! That's just the injuries to staff. These figures don't include injuries to the public that enter your workplace. Can you afford not to apply MagicSeal Antislip to your floors?

With the growing cost of compensation claims, insurance premiums and lawsuits, building owners and managers are looking for solutions. Slip and fall accidents can be minimised - let MagicSeal AntiSlip show you how.


Can You Afford Not To Have MagicSeal AntiSlip

Our Product AntiSlip Floor Treatment reduces the risk and dangers of slip/falls and the resultant potential of personal injury, lawsuits, and litigation costs, increased insurance cost, and employee days lost can be minimised. Let MagicSeal AntiSlip show you how.

The increased coefficient of friction gained when surfaces are treated with AntiSlip Floor Treatment is a positive proven safety solution for owners of residential and commercial properties and facilities. When surfaces become wet or moist, those surfaces are automatically skid and slip resistant, when treated with our Patented Safety Products.

MagicSeal AntiSlip Floor Treatment can be used on almost all hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, polished stone, terrazzo, river rock, concrete, and quarry tile.


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