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Product Description:

MagicSeal AntiSlip is an environmentally safe waterborne, low VOC anti-skid product. It is a penetrating agent that renders tile, marble, and granite floors safer wet than dry. It is not a coating, requires no special maintenance, and causes no significant change in the surface’s appearance. MagicSeal AntiSlip does not leave a gritty, uncomfortable surface.

Test Data:

The Ceramic Tile Institute identifies tile in the following 3 categories: Slip Resistant (individual static coefficient of friction of 0.60 or greater), Conditionally Slip Resistant (individual static coefficient of friction of 0.50 to 0.59), and Questionable (individual static coefficient of friction of 0.49 or less).

When a glazed tile treated with MagicSeal AntiSlip was tested against wet leather and wet rubber (common shoe materials), the individual static coefficient of friction was found to be 0.65 and 0.71, respectively. Therefore, under the standards of the Ceramic Tile Institute, wet tile and porcelain surfaces treated with MagicSeal AntiSlip are rated as “Slip Resistant” - the highest safety rating possible.


Occasional cleaning is required. There is no need for special non-abrasive cleaners.

Technical Support:

MSDS is available upon request.



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