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The list of reported slip/fall accidents in the workplace, shopping areas, supermarkets, leisure and sports centers, swimming pools etc is endless. Slip/fall accidents rank second to road traffic accidents as the highest cause of personal injury, causing serious pain, suffering and even death.

A careless approach to safety requirements and lack of standards in the most obvious situations will be considered negligence - the legal definition of which is 'failure to use a reasonable amount of care when such failure results in injury or damage to another'.

Failure to acknowledge the pitfalls and take steps to prevent accidents is expensive and usually involves high compensation under public and employer liability insurance. The proactive approach to accident prevention is positive, responsible and cost-effective and must be a priority in the daily running of the business.

Everyone is reminded of the problem:

We see 'slippery when wet' and 'caution: dangerous floors' signs. These signs are everywhere and owners and managers are wrongly of the opinion they have fulfilled their obligation in protecting their workers, customers and the public by providing and placing such warning signs on hazardous floor surfaces. This is not the case and the issue is compromised in the event of a slip/fall accident".

The bottom line is that slip fall accidents are preventable and solutions to 'slippery when wet' floor surfaces, and procedures to improve security and safety, are available through non-slip floor treatments for hard mineral surface floors baths and showers. Its process, which includes long-term quality assurance, is a single treatment, which does not alter the aesthetic feature of the surface.

MagicSeal AntiSlip has been evaluated by the CSIRO and also in accordance with the A.S.T.M. (American Society of Testing Materials).


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